Sustainability Pact

SUMBAE Sustainability Pact

SUMBAE cares about our planet and environment which means we always strive to do our part to operate and be sustainability-centered each and every day. From our products to our eco-friendly packaging we hope to continue to find ways to reduce our environmental impact in all that we do.

Where are your items sourced?

Our items are sourced by wholesale vintage vendors in the US along with thrifted local finds from our team.

How do you ship your products?

Our products are shipped using carbon neutral shipping to offset shipping emissions on every order.

Where does our packaging come from?

Our eco-friendly recycable mailers are from No Issue Co. For more information visit: 

For every order we make on their site, No Issue Co. also plants one tree to help reforestation in a location of our choice.

SUMBAE is a proud member of the Eco-Alliance:

SUMBAE x One Tree Planted

SUMBAE is proud to partner with One Tree Planted for our evergreen sustainability program. For every order, SUMBAE will plant one tree to help restore fragile and depleted forest ecosystems around the world where they are needed the most. SUMBAE will be planting trees in our home state of California to help reforestation for the recent wildfires in 2020. With your help we can make a difference. Together.

TOGETHER, we've planted 50+ trees and counting! 2/15/22

Have any ideas for how we can improve our sustainability program? Email us your feedback: