Our Story

Hi, My name is Jazz. SUMBAE is founded and solo-operated by the girl in the photo above. I'm a social media manager by day and a digital content creator by night, all while starting this crazy journey of launching my own brand. I took my love for streetwear and vintage fashion to bring SUMBAE to life. I've been thrifting since a child, wore my brothers hand-me-downs, and lived in my grandfather's clothes. Vintage fashion has been my style for as long as I can remember, so SUMBAE is the combination of all the things I love.

Streetwear is on the rise. It's "trendy" again. And while fast fashion brands may offer the latest styles and have new options every week, we all know there are serious repercussions and a horrible impact on our planet, resources, and the people that create these pieces for us. I knew starting out I wanted SUMBAE to aim to be sustainable at it's core. That doesn't mean I'm perfect nor will I avoid mistakes, but I'm conscious of the impact and influence I have and I'll keep learning to ensure we're always progressing as a brand. Why can't you be cute and be sustainable? Why do we have to continue to harm the planet for our own benefit?

Within the already male-dominated streetwear industry, there remains a clear lack of female representation, particularly from entrepreneurs of color. As a black woman, I hope to open the doors for more representation and help pave the path for other women to be able to do the same. Thank you for supporting SUMBAE. You are what makes this truly special.

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Our Mission + Values:

  • SUMBAE is a one-stop shop for unique and affordable vintage streetwear fashion and custom collections. SUMBAE was created with the ladies in mind to cultivate a place where we are encouraged to live and dress as our most authentic selves every single day.
  • SUMBAE strives to be sustainable within our practices and do our part to remain conscious of our own impact and help protect the environment - from how we source our vintage inventory, package and ship our products, and in future brand-sustainability initiatives.
  • SUMBAE aims to do good things for the world around us by being involved in our communities and helping to spread goodness whenever possible. We want to take action to drive positive change.


Thank you for being a part of the squad!